Tap and ride. Kawa for Nepal.

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We've brought technology and transport together to build mobility for million people. The Kawa mobile app has redefined point-to-point transportation in Kathmandu. It is the quickest way to book a cab/taxi to anywhere in the city, right on your smartphone. Our goal is to make transportation accessible at all times, all locations and at all price points. We believe that door-to-door transportation should be a right for every Nepali, regardless of income, special needs, age or location. We believe that a sustainable business is not just one that turns a profit, but also one that improves the lives of the people it touches – passengers, drivers, employees, governments and broader society.

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Book within seconds and get instant confirmations. Booking car rentals will never be a headache again!

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Safety is paramount to us. We invest heavily in safety training for drivers, offline driver screenings, and Police verification of Drivers. We would be putting in-app safety features like sharing details of your ride to your love ones in coming version. We give safety education to Drivers and are in talks with government (Nepal Police) for partnerships for safe ride. Our belief is that an app-based transportation platform with the right investment can become the safest form of transportation in Nepal. Your safety is our up most Priority

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Our cars are audited for cleanliness, safety and comfort. Our drivers are well trained and reliable. Sit back and enjoy the Kawa experience! Our Drivers will only ply on Government given Meters, be rest assured meters are not tampered and periodically inspected by us. Never haggle with drivers again on payments and be confident and assured of what you are being charged for! We will also provide you with estimated charges on your Kawa application.

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Why Kawa?

  • Kawa gets you a cab with a tap of an app. its as simple as that
  • You can pay for your ride with cash or card (Coming Soon)
  • Kawa is rapidly growing number of cab drivers using its app, It started off with 200 cabs and is adding 5- 6 cabs per day.
  • The target is to reach 1200 cabs in a year.

Kawa Rates

  • Flag Down Price ( 6AM to 9PM)
  • Basic Fare
  • waiting charge
  • Night Time Flag Down Price ( 9 PM To 6 Am)
  • Night Time Basic Fare
  • Waiting charge
  • Rs 14
  • 36/KM
  • 7 / 2 minutes
  • Rs 21
  • 36/KM x 1.5
  • Rs 7/2 minutes x1.5

As per the Department of Transport management , Government of Nepal


  • Strickly On Meter
  • From 2km out side Ring Road to 10 km
  • Outsation upto 50 km (Nagarkot,Shivapuri,Nama Buddha etc)
  • OutStation beyond 50 km( Kurintar,Manakamana, Pokhara etc)
  • Night Stay ( outstation)
  • Big Pets
  • upto 2 Km outside Ring Road
  • 36/km x 1.5 (one way)
  • 36/km(On Meter) x 2 | Discount 5 %
  • 36/km(On Meter) x 2 | Discount 15 %
  • 1000/Per Night
  • Rs 50 for inconnivence